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matteo cambria dentista furnarimatteo cambria dentista furnari
centro odontoiatrico cambria Dott. Cambria Matteo
F22  aligner Dott Cambria Matteo

Dr.  Matteo cambria  is the owner of the studio.

He works as a dentist in Furnari in the professional studio and as a consultant throughout the province of Messina and Reggio Calabria.

Born in 1988, he graduated in Barcelona PG in 2007.

He graduated in Messina with full marks 110 Lode / 110  in Dentistry and PD in 2012

He qualified for the medical profession in Messina in 2012. 
Registered in the Messina Order of Surgeons and Dentists with the number 815.

 Postgraduate courses:

  • Postgraduate Course in Gnathology 

  • Postgraduate Course in Fixed Prosthesis

  • Advanced Course in Mobile Prosthetics

  • Postgraduate Course in Endodontics and Endodontic Surgery  with dr. Angelo Lizio.

  • Postgraduate Course in Periodontology  with professors from the University of Messina

  • BLSD-D course 

  • Attendance certificates for about one hundred refresher courses  in all fields of dentistry and stomatology.


Assignments and teaching:

  • Speaker  at conferences and cultural evenings of a dental nature

studio cambria Furnari


Insertion of dental implants
  • Traditional implantology
  • Immediate loading implantology
    Restoration of chewing

    The traditional fixed prosthesis is the one performed to cover previously filed natural teeth.

    It remains a resource that is still valid and applied on a daily basis. It is especially used on single teeth that have been fractured.

      Cures and eliminates tooth decay
      • reconstructions in composite material: particularly aesthetic and pleasant
      • reconstruction with composite inlays: very aesthetic and long lasting.
      • reconstructions in silver amalgam: not very aesthetic, contains mercury.

        Aesthetics of the incisors

        Solve aesthetic imperfections by restoring the smile.



          Dental pulp care


          Children's teeth care

          The teeth of our little patients are treated with the aid of conscious sedation using nitrous oxide.It is a safe and proven method, it does not cause any problems and three minutes after the end of the gaseous mixture the child returns fully awake .

            Repair the gum tissues
            To solve these situations it is necessary to act on the cause that generated them and, as a final act, to cover the sensitive areas with gingival grafts taken from the patient's palate.


              Treatment of dental malocclusions

              Orthodontics is the technique for correcting one  wrong dental occlusion.  It is possible to intervene a  any age  that is, in both children and adults.


                Availability in case of emergencies.

                In our office, prosthetic or clinical emergencies are received within the day.

                In addition, patients who are subjected to surgical therapies and in any case to all those who request it, are provided with a mobile number where a dentist will always answer, seven days a week.


                  Diurnal window, morning headache e  botox

                  The main therapy of these cases is a well balanced biteplane designed for the individual patient based on his occlusion. But the Dental Clinic of the University of Padua, in  Master of Aesthetics of Oral and Perioral Tissues in Dentistry, suggests using botulinum toxin infiltrated into the muscles responsible for this discomfort as an adjuvant. A simple, effective and painless technique.



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                    Via SS Annunziata 6, Furnari

                    98054 Messina



                    Tel: 3292234126  


                                    Monday   08:00 AM - 20:00 PM

                                    Tuesday  08:00 AM - 20:00 PM

                                 Wednesday   CLOSED

                                    Thursday   08:00 AM - 20:00 PM

                                   Friday   08:00 AM - 19:00 PM

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                    Availability 24 hours a day even on closing day

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